Weekly Meal Plan 7/30

August 1, 2018

Oh man, July. I’m gonna miss you. You were sweet and slow and delicious.

Our new au pair comes Friday (which is why I have missed a few weeks of meal planning! I hope to be more consistent when she comes and we head into fall!) so you’ll see some meals reflecting her arrival.

Happy Eating! xoxo




Beef Mac, double recipe. This recipe comes really close to the way I make it, but sub whatever veggies you want to use. I also love to use Rao’s Marinara – it’s amazing.


Smothered Chicken


Oricchiette With Sausage, Tomato and Broccoli


Easy Chicken Parm


Our new au pair comes! I’ve heard so much about Bandeja Paisa in my research, so I’m going to try to make a version of this. I also really hope she helps us learn how to make Empanadas.


Mixing it up! Pizza is usually Friday but we have a day at the pool scheduled so pizza when we get home is easy breezy.



These are my favorite ribs, and they are so easy! Sometimes they can be intimidating but I found this recipe in a magazine and I have never looked back, they are exactly what I want when I sit down to a rib dinner. These, coleslaw and corn are on the menu for a taste of an American summer dinner. (Though the ribs recipe I use is in a whole post about a southern dinner and the baked cheesy grits and collard greens from Christy (aka Instabrunk) are amazing too.)


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