Things I Am Loving Right Now

October 26, 2012

Since you all know the reason this post is not about a savory fall classic with some sophisticated modern twist (see last weeks post), I decided to share with you some things I am loving right now.  (I love it when other blogs do this and I have never done it.) Oh and I can tell you I am coming out of the nausea!! I actually ate pasta with some feta, fresh spinach and salad dressing! That is practically a salad! Turning the corner :0) which means good food soon.

1. Boden – I love this company! Their clothes are like the UK J. Crew. A bit pricey, but you can wait for 20-25% off emails.  Plus they are great quality and wash really well.  I notice when the seasons change I reach for these pieces first the next year because they still look good.  They have kids clothes that are so cute but given that they are an investment I get stuff for the girls sparingly (like their tights).  They also have maternity so of course I just got some T shirts to get me through.

2.  Eat, Live, Run –  This girl has been doing her food blog for years and it rocks.  She has this cozy approach to food that makes you want to get into the kitchen.  I guess the name was because she used to run I lot (which I do to) but then she moved on to yoga (which I also love) and has become a certified teacher, so lots of interesting health notes go into her blog. Plus, her photos are amazing, which leads me to my next point….

3. The Canon Rebel –  My husband got me this for my birthday! Love him.  I have to learn how to use it, but I can’t wait to get started.  Expect awesome food and awesome photos in the future.

4. Little Kid Pajamas – They are just so stinking cute.  We just broke out a bunch of new warm cozy fleece ones.  Clearly this was not shot with a Canon Rebel or cooperative kids, but you get the idea.


5. This Julia Child Recipe for Soubise – I literally have never heard of this before I read about it a few weeks ago. An onion and rice casserole? Must. make. soon. If you make it before I do, let me know how it is!

6.  The holidays are right around the corner but it means I get to break out this delicious side dish I have been making for the last few years. I think the Soubise recipe reminded me of it, but this is the Humble Onion, right?  It is from Giada, and it is Roasted Cipollini Onions with Balsamic and thyme.  You can find and print the recipe here.  A new tradition that we love and smells like the holidays when it is cooking. But you can make this anytime.  SO good with steak!

7.  In case you were looking for a blog to make you feel inadequate, check out Soule Mama.  She has 5 kids, runs a farm in Maine, and has beautiful photos and ideas throughout her blog.  She has written 3 books and edits a quaint Maine literary magazine called Ploughshares.  Did I mention she has 5 kids? And she makes all her own quilts.  I am pretty sure she shears her own sheep and turns the wool into yarn.  But she is not annoying like Martha Stewart, probably because she learned how to do all this from her mom and grandmother so she is down to earth about it.  I will never be this woman, so it is interesting to peer into her life.

8. Cider Donuts.

9. I wish I could say I am reading this great book, but lately I have been reading books on the craft of writing.  And blogs. I can always tell when I am not in the middle of a good book, because I get a little twitchy and grouchy. Like I haven’t talked to my best friend in a while.  (Note from later the same day: Just started Ann Pachett’s novel ‘Run’. Like her other books I am loving it. All is right with the world now). In the meantime, I find great essays at Kristen Armstrong’s blog on Runner’s World called Mile Markers.  She is so insightful and positive, like the cheerleader older sister I wish I had.  She always makes me stick to working out because of the emotional dividends it gives.  My favorite quote: “I run to burn up what I don’t need and ignite what I do.”

10.  Halloween.  Candy and cuteness!



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