Small Bites

September 21, 2013

Some little tidbits and treats that I have been loving lately…


1. Have you heard the trick about how to keep strawberries from going bad? Adding a little vinegar to water kills the bacteria on them so they stay fresh longer. This works for other fruits as well.

2. How to live glamorously when you feel anything but – watch it here. (Think flowers, stripes, olives and cocktails. Perfect if you are a mother of young children. Or anyone.)

3. A roast chicken in a crock pot has been my go-to staple on busy days. Here is the easiest recipe, but I think next time I am going to try garlic, rosemary and lemon flavors.

4. Have you heard of Blue Apron? The idea of ordering meals and having all the ingredients come to me sounds like such a luxury, I am not sure if I will try it, but I am totally inspired by the recipes. I can’t wait to try their Napa Cabbage Salad.

5.This food blog is so beautifully photographed, but what really has me in awe is her compilation of ‘The Essentials’ –  I love having these basic recipes all in one place!  If you are looking for a better blog then mine, here you go 🙂

6. Tomatos and Zucchini from the garden are still filling our kitchen. Here is an idea of what to do with them, yum.

7. Cooking Light has really turned out some great issues lately. If you don’t have the one with the Mac & Cheese on the cover, pick it up!  Also, here is a quick link to their super fast kid recipes.

8. If you thought this post was about Tapas, here you go.



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