August 22, 2014

Since so many of the woman who hosted and attended the conference I went to a few weeks ago blog about fashion, I have been on a bit of a kick lately reading their styling tips and outfit ideas. It is so fun to delve into all that creativity. And my outfits thank you.

As I started to read through their blogs, it struck me that there are some similarities to fashion and food.

I started to think about how much some vegetables are like accessories. They are both pretty, they really dress up the main dish, and an outfit/meal is really missing something without them. Since Andrew has been born (ahem, 15 months ago, baby excuses now are laughable) I have really been in an accessories rut. So to turn this around, I am sharing with you three accessories I am loving right now and three easy ideas with vegetables that I have wanted to share with you but weren’t quite worthy of their own post.

1. Kate Spade Gold Bangles

It seems like everywhere I look this summer, people are wearing a little gold bangle with their bathing suit. I love these ones (I just got two). And I guess I am a lover of simplicity with some sparkle when it comes to accessories. They are a new fav, I’ve already worn them five times.

2. Hepcat Shades from Madewell

I love these and have been wearing them all the time, and their price tag means I won’t cry if I lose them or a little kid breaks them. I have a really round face, and aviators are my favorite shade but don’t look good on me at all. I also got this bag from Madewell which I am also really in love with, but I learned about it from this girl (also the keynote speaker at our conference) so I can’t take the credit.

3. Gap Wedges

I love these so much. How can you not? And the stripe trend officially floats away from our shirts. Next years summer outfits will thank me.

Just like these all perk up your day and your outfit, veggie dishes on the side act like accessories to your main dish. Really! Check this out:


1. Artichokes

I love everything there is to love about artichokes. I think the shade of green and purple are one of the best combinations of colors and I should probably just decorate my dining room in them. I love the flavor of artichokes from everything to artichoke dip, salad, pizza. But most of all, I remember loving them as a kid on the side of our plate at dinner. It made dinner so special; even if we were just having chicken or pork chops, dinner was exciting if we got to take apart an artichoke. Like mussels or lobsters, they required their own bowl to handle all the leaves after scraping the meat of each one. Every kid knows that creating a mess = festive.

I trim the tops of each leaf with scissors to get rid of the pokey parts and cut off the top of the whole thing with a knife, and I usually boil mine for the way Emeril Lagasse does, by throwing in lemon and peppercorns in the water and cooking for 30 minutes or until a fork can go in easily to the bottom. So easy and so yummy. If you have never cooked them yourself, try it! To eat you just dip each leaf in melted butter and scrape the meat off with your teeth, and when you get down to the heart, cut out the choke, and dip the meaty part into melted butter.

2. Olives and Almonds 

They are especially wonderful if you can find the Castelvetrano type of olives, but your favorite green ones from the olive bar will do.  Just sautee them in a little bit of olive oil, and serve warm.  This picture is making my mouth water because of the buttery, salty, warm goodness. My husband and I had this dish on our first night out after moving to Portsmouth. We cozied up at the Black Trumpet (favorite restaurant ever) and were wide-eyed at how good these were. We re-create them at home all the time and it is the nicest dish to have with company. (I think it is so pretty too).

3. Peas and Radishes 

I first saw this on French Food at Home on the Cooking Channel, and I think Laura Calder sprinkled them with mint, but I have made these for parties and for the fam just sautéed in butter with a sprinkle of salt. Sautéed radishes are amazing, and so easy. And together they again make one of my favorite color combos, pink and green (my daughters’ bedroom colors).

So there you go. And based on my word count on fashion vs. food it is a good thing that I am a food blogger.  Feel free to let me know your favorite accessory or veggie dish, since I am currently obsessed with both. (And because I fixed the comments on my blog making it easier to leave them, I think?).

Happy Weekend,




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    Lauren T
    August 22, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    This is one of the neatest blog posts I have ever read. Pretty much encompasses 2 of my favorite things and you wrote it much better than I could have! Great picks- and now I want to try those side dishes! Cheers!

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