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March 20, 2013

Another food blog I follow, Eat, Live, Run,  recently put out a few “I am Currently…” questions.  I thought I would answer them since I am currently making anything that is E.A.S.Y. (six more weeks til baby = low energy, in case you have not been pregnant or have been but also have pregnancy amnesia). Don’t worry, I will share one of my easy dinner ideas too…Fish Tacos.


I’m Currently…

Watching… Portlandia. Fred Armisan from Saturday Night Live stars with his friend Carrie Brownstein in every skit on this new show.  He comes up with these characters who apparently inhabit Porland, OR in some approximation, and make artisanal items like bread and hand-blown light bulbs and run book stores. Lots of stars show up like Eddie Vedder, Amy Mann, Sarah Maclaughlin.  The show is comic genius.  After a friend turned me on to it I found it on demand on my cable search button, but it is on YouTube, HuLu, and Netflix as well. (Do we really have this many options to watch a show right now? Yes, yes we do.)

Eating… Annie’s Organic Vegetarian Chili. Strangest pregnancy craving ever.

Planning… out our sleeping arrangements.  My middle and youngest daughters just started sharing a room to open up a room for baby.  So far so good: I gave them a lamp to read by after we tuck them in, with the responsibility to shut it out after a little while and go to bed. They actually do this, and when I check on them 15 min. later, they are sound asleep. So cute! And their pillows say ‘Sophie’ and ‘Lucy’ on them which they love.

Reading… What Happened to Sophie Wilder? by Christopher Beha. Just finished it and need to re-read the ending and discuss it with my best friend immediately.

Inspired by…these faces:

Everyone playing Golden Tee, which is the home version of the game in pubs and bars.  We won it at a fundraiser in a ‘Family Game Night Basket’ and this crew plays it almost every day.


Excited about…meeting our new baby in 6 weeks! And becoming reintroduced to wine in 6.5 weeks! And going for a run in 12.5 weeks! (Ok, I’ll stop. I actually have had a great pregnancy, despite what my children may tell you.)


Easy Fish Tacos:

My kids love anything that is ‘Family Style’, i.e. everyone can make their own plate of food and customize it to their wishes (not mine!). I could lay out blueberries, cereal, and milk and if I say it is ‘Family Style’ they get so excited (so cute!). We do oatmeal with toppings, tacos, Greek Tacos, sundaes, etc. this way.

So when I walked by a box of fish filets at the store, I tossed them in to make fish tacos (they LOVE fish sticks so I thought it would go over well).  Turns out I was right. They loved it and I loved zero clean up and small prep time with max flavor from fresh coleslaw dressing and oranges.  I should mention that in my non-pregnant days, I make my own fish fillets for these and not the frozen kind.  I love Bobby Flay’s recipe for these, which you can find here.  But that comes with the pressure of using the fish THAT DAY so…frozen has its advantages.


You will need:

Bag of Cole Slaw

Dressing for Cole Slaw (recipe to follow)


Frozen Breaded Fish Fillets (try for higher quality like Gordon’s.)

Oranges, segmented (cannot tell you enough how good this is!)

Cheese, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Red Peppers, Black Beans, Lime or whatever you like.

First you cook fish according to directions, usually around 20 min. Then you make the cole slaw dressing.  The bag usually has a recipe for the dressing but mine didn’t last time. Good thing I have my own recipe:

1 1/4 c. light mayo

3 t. sugar

1/4 c. cider vinegar

2 T. milk

1/2 t. celery salt

1/4 t. celery seed

1/4 t. pepper

(I use these ingredients to taste, so feel free to add less and taste to see if you would like more.)

Then you lay it all out ‘Family Style’ and let the kids assemble their creations.  They loved these! The crunchy, creamy, salty, vinegary, sweet combo is so good.


Hope this helps you make a fast meal for your family.  Here is looking forward to no snow, warm days, and time to spend in the kitchen soon!!

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