October 19, 2015

imageDear Blog Readers,

I have been wrestling with how to fit in all of my life goals and motherhood and writing and the blog, and I am going to shift things around a little bit and wanted to let you know.

When I started this blog – complete with bad photos and all – I had no clue about blogging. I just knew I wanted to freelance write and thought this would be a good first step. Since then, I have learned how to use the manual settings on my camera (yay) and had more freelance writing work then I can handle, and had a readership that surprised me as it grew. And my family has eaten well, which is what I love the most about running The Humble Onion – leftovers!  So I am going to call this blog a win. Not to mention how much fun it has been to hear from all of you after you make one of the recipes here! I love sharing about food and that is the best part of having a food blog.

But I have this working theory about creativity – if you have a big outlet for it, you sort of have very little left for other creative pursuits. Decorators I love swear by take out for dinner. Artists I know can’t be bothered with putting together cute outfits and just wear black. When I am writing a lot, I don’t decorate my house. When I am not writing as much in the summer, I go gangbusters on interior design.

When I am riding a creative wave about food, it is all I think about, and my creative juices are very committed to it.

But a few years ago, in between babies 3 and 4, I wrote a novel. It was a great experience, and even though it didn’t get published, I got great feed back from a lot of major publishing houses. Some asked if I wanted to write a cookbook.

The thing that is pressing on my heart creatively is writing a food memoir, about growing up in a big family with lots of characters and tragedies and laughter and good food. There will be recipes at the end, so food will still be a part of this project. I feel like it is the perfect place for me to be creatively, and I really want to channel all my time and creative energies to it.

So I will probably be posting here and there on the Humble Onion, but not as regularly as I was. I will try to share my writing journey on the writing blog though so if you are curious about the process or about the publishing journey, feel free to follow along.

Most of all thank you for reading! I feel like this blog has been a conversation with a great friend, and you have been such good company.

Till next time, Happy Eating!

xoxo Katie


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    Matt Becker
    October 23, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    Good luck to you!!!!!!!! I’d love to hear more about your new project. Well, you fed my family too! BLT pasta will never be the same. Tell Rob I want to go fishin! Matt

    • Reply
      October 27, 2015 at 10:09 am

      Thank you Matt!! I appreciate your kind words and still hope to do dinner soon. And you don’t have to twist Rob’s arm – he will be happy to join you whenever he can squeeze it in!

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