October 7, 2016


I know everyone is doing everything FALL, and I am marinating in this gorgeous time of year too. But Right now we are saying goodbye to one of loveliest parts of summer: fresh garden produce. Specifically tomatoes. And we still have so many!  I have been thinking of ways to really capitalize on the last few weeks of their gorgeous flavor.

I love twists on classics, and I love BLT’s (side note: I just heard George Zakarian recommends slicing your tomatoes, then basting your bacon with the tomato juices before cooking them for BLT. Just thought I would share that genius tip with you all because you’re my favorite.)

I decided to make a dip that could deliver the texture combo of a BLT to your mouth in one bite. We had a get together to go to last week, and a ton of tomatoes on the window sill, and a package of bacon. Game on.


I also happen to love Hidden Valley Ranch (not sponsored, just a throwback to childhood). I like real, natural food, but since I have an affinity for things like HVR and velveeta cheese, this blog can’t truly be an all natural one. It will just have to be 90% healthy and 10% nostalgia I guess.

But how to deliver the flavor of BLT into my mouth with, say, an endive leaf or a bagel crisp?  I knew that a dip made with Ranch was the answer.


Turns out it was a good one. This recipe was so satisfying, with chunky, juicy tomatoes, creamy herby ranch and smokey, salty bacon. And it made a lot! I refilled the cracker side once at the party, and the endives were all gone in a New York minute. When we got home there was still a little bit left, so I took a bite and the flavors had mingled even more, and were so delicious. So if you have time, make this ahead and let it meld together, reserving the toppings to put on when you are ready to serve.

If you happen to have the fortunate problem of having a lot of tomatoes to use up, this one’s a keeper. Hope your October has been a good one so far!

Happy Eating, xoxo Katie

BLT Dip (printer version here): 


1 package Hidden Valley Ranch

1 cup light sour cream

1 cup light mayo

½ cup of milk to thin it out

6-8 strips of bacon

4 ripe tomatoes, diced

½ cup green scallions (about 4-6)

S & P to taste

3 endive bunches

1 package favorite cracker such as bagel chips, pita chips, or thin pretzels



Preheat oven to 400. Cook bacon slices until done, about 15-20 min. (Check frequently after 10-15 minutes). Let cool.

While bacon is cooking, combine the Ranch packet, sour cream, and mayonnaise, adding milk until it is desired thickness (about ½ cup). Once combined, chill for at least ½ hour to let flavors develop.

Chop the tomatoes, scallions and bacon. Reserve about 2 T. of each for the top. Mix together the rest with the ranch mixture. Sprinkle reserved toppings on top and serve with endive and crackers.  


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