A Weekend at Sugarbush

May 8, 2015

It’s good to have friends in the right places.


In my case, when your BEST FRIEND from childhood moves to Vermont, and your husband is really passionate about skiing, it is pretty helpful that she moves right next to Sugarbush Ski Resort. Eileen and her husband David are the cutest newlyweds and expecting their first baby (a boy!) in the fall.


I know, I know your hearts and minds have turned to spring and summer but if you’re thinking about a great place to ski with your fam next year, take a look:






Every structure at Sugarbush is so unique. It is an architects dream. The attention to detail is amazing. Win Smith, the owner who reimagined what a Vermont Ski Resort could look like gave it so many pastoral aspects, especially this silo that looks like it belongs in the rolling hills of the Green Mountains. 

Contemplating our descent.

The accommodations were amazing. It fits our big family perfectly and the kids moved right in.


 We loaded up with possibly the most amazing breakfast buffet I have ever had. Vermont maple syrup, sausages we all went back for seconds on, and a goat cheese and tomato egg frittata that is the stuff of my breakfast dreams. I love how skiing brings people together over food before and after.

While we skiied with our three oldest offspring Andrew hung out with Eileen.




 The girls loved their kids table. And I loved my kale caesar salad. IMG_3051

 I’m going to duplicate this at home for sure.

We declared multiple times we have to do this every year. It is amazing that there is still that much snow in Vermont during April vacation, but we might go even without snow just to stay in their super luxurious hotel. Ok, I would go just for the breakfast buffet and the best friend. Best friend comes first though.

She does.


This post was sponsored in part by Sugarbush. 

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