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December 9, 2014

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I am almost done Christmas Shopping, thanks to Amazon Prime. (My Christmas cards are another story, however.) I told my husband he could just wrap up a few of these presents I picked out and put them under the tree because I love all of these so much. Or in the case of # 6 & #7, I just couldn’t wait and am enjoying these while I wrap presents. Besides, he got me a hammock a few years ago, and really you just can’t top that as a gift so I figure he already peaked at gift giving.

I don’t love kitchen clutter so when I pick out something for cooking, it has to be something I really think I will use to account for it’s kitchen real estate. I am guessing most people feel the same way. But there is something to be said for a new device or cookbook really lighting the flame of inspiration so here are some items that meet these demands.

1. Cast Iron Skillet:

castironskilletYour food lover may already have one, but if they don’t this is really the most versatile kitchen tool, and it is really inexpensive. I love to give them to young people who are setting up their first apartment. Lately I’ve been roasting my chicken in them too, yum. And I have seen cast iron griddles at TJ Maxx & Marshalls that are great for pancakes and paninis too.

2. Zucchini Spiral:

Zucchini Spirilizer

The Huffington Post recently wrote an article about how this slicer will change your life. I am not sure about that claim, but I have one sitting in a box that I can’t wait to use, and frankly, for $13 it is worth a try. And I learned from trying to eat whole foods that you really don’t miss pasta if your sauce is sitting on a bed of veggies.

3) Monogram Mugs:


I just love the simple yet personalized feel of these mugs, and while I haven’t bought one for myself, I can tell I would reach for it every morning. If you are related to me/married to me and you are reading this, HINT HINT. And if your loved one likes coffee, you can also make their day with one of these:

4) Espresso Percolator:


I don’t make Espresso enough to justify an expensive machine, but this percolator sits in a cabinet and my espresso beans sit in my freezer for when I am in the mood.  A lot of recipes call for espresso, and a lot of people are posting how-to recipes for expensive coffee shop drinks that start with espresso, so it has some versatility. Plus it is only $30, a great price point for a gift, but it is actually pretty heavy so it feels expensive.

5) KitchenAid Stand Mixer Pasta Maker Attachment:

pastamakerThis is probably what I am the most excited for, and it is my ‘big’ gift this year.  I have been wanting to make my own pasta ever since I reviewed the cookbook ‘Extra Virgin’ for Coastal Home magazine for the current issue. But don’t worry if you can’t afford this one. The authors of the cook book said their ‘Nonna’ used to roll out her pasta dough with a wooden rolling pin and cut it by hand, so that works too. And I would definitely recommend their cookbook! I love their show on the Cooking Channel and the cookbook was just as sweet and inspiring.

6)  J Crew Factory Shearling Slippers:


Cooks tend to stand around in the kitchen quite a bit, so treat the one who cooks for you! I bought these on a whim before Thanksgiving and I have just started wearing them non-stop. There is no way the Uggs version could be cozier, because these feel like silk cotton balls on your feet. Spoiler Alert: I may have gotten them for all the girls in my family. When something is this good you have to share.

7) JCrew Factory Pajama Bottoms:


As a polka-dot addict, I had to have these. And I have lived in them ever since even though I was trying realllly hard to wait until Christmas eve. I am the worst.

8) Garlic & Lemon Press:



If you have never cooked with a garlic press, you won’t believe how easy it is to get, say, 12 cloves of garlic into tomato sauce in seconds and only have a tiny tool to clean up. The garlic comes out very fine so no one ever gets a big chunk. My family always had one growing up, so it makes me think about cooking in the kitchen with them. The lemon press is equally as good at saving time and clean up. I have tried a lot of ways to squeeze lemons and this one is tops. Both of these really help when making salad dressing.

9) Monogramed Cutting Board:


Rob got this as a gift a few years ago and we love it! It is huge, which helps to lug in vast amounts of grilled food, and the carvings around the edge really hold in all the juices when you slice meat. It also looks great as a cheese board, too. A great gift.

10) Mario Batali & Ina Garten’s New Cookbooks:


inamakeaheadThere is something about the way that these two produce a cookbook…wait I know what it is, I want to make everything in them. I actually poured over all the cookbooks at Barnes & Noble the other day, and I am really selective about cookbooks, because they are expensive and require storage. But every page jumped out at me as something I would love to try to make!

And since it is the season for sharing, and because I am so thankful to you for reading this blog, I am giving away a copy of one of these cookbooks! These both inspired me SO much, and my goal is to inspire you.  So just leave a comment below and state which one you would like in the comments, and if you have an Instagram account, hit ‘Follow’ on my Instagram button.

I will randomly pick one and contact you to send you a copy!

Happy Merrymaking, Katie






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  • Reply
    Sharon Foth
    December 10, 2014 at 6:53 am

    Hello Katie!!!!

    Since we have moved to “farm country” here in South Jersey, it is only fitting that I would love to win the farm to table cookbook!!!! How fun!!! One of our local farms (and friends of mine) do amazing cooking classes in their store using ingredients from their farm!!!

    Wishing you and your family and very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!


    p.s. I love your blog Katie!!!

    • Reply
      December 19, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      Hi Sharon – just wanted to reply that I so appreciate your comment and glad you like the blog, thanks for reading! Hope
      you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  • Reply
    December 10, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Hi – is it coincidence that I love/have most of the items on your list? We have the monogrammed cutting board and I have to say its been awesome (since Gregg has Grillzilla) at lugging meats and veggies from the grill. I am a huge fan of Ina so I am very interested in seeing this new batch of recipes from her. I have made most of your recipes, love the blog and have no idea where you find the time. Wish we lived closer!

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