7 Quick Takes Mother’s Day Edition

May 9, 2014

Another writer and mother that has really inspired me on carving out writing time with kids is Jen Fulwiler from Conversion Diary. Her long path to writing a book (a memoir about how she was a super smart atheist scientist who converted to being Catholic after having her first child) has finally come around to the part all writer’s dream about: other people holding your book in their hands. So, in honor of her big release, I am doing a link up she does every week on her blog called 7 Quick Takes.


I think it is super fitting for Mother’s Day that this book is coming out, since her conversion really began when she experienced the love she had for her first child, and as a scientist, couldn’t figure out where that love came from. No matter how you feel about religion, I think it is always interesting to see how people arrive at their convictions, and she is a really funny writer and I am a sucker for humor writing. I can’t wait to read my copy of Something Other Than God soon.


So we went on a cruise. Yes we did. It looked like this one day:

This was the wonderful day we got off at an island in the Bahamas. My husband got a cabana for our extended family and we swam and ate fresh fruit and hummus and LOVED IT.

And felt like this all the others:

So taking a newly-minted 12-month-old into these pools was a bit hectic. Also, all these people also had to eat, so meal time felt…similar.


I have to rave about the day we parked at Atlantis. The big kids were at water slide heaven with dad and nana, and the baby and I hung on board. Is it bad that this was by far my FAVORITE DAY?

We swam in the pools:

We napped a lot. I think I read Divergent in one day. And we had sushi and edamame:

Andrew loved the chopsticks…

Rest + baby time + Sushi + Savignon Blanc + ocean = a happy mama. May have made the crowds worth it. Maybe.


The night before we left, Rob and I met up with my best friend Megan in NYC at a great Irish Bar PJ Clarks.

^^^^^ Best Friend & Hubs

 Guinness + Raw Oysters

These ingredients made for PERFECT HAPPINESS. You know, in case you are ever looking for the recipe.


We got a new fridge. I wish we could say it was a Mother’s Day Dream come true but it was really just that the old one died. Or at least the ice maker gushed water even if everything else worked in it. Kinda hard to live with a gushy ice maker.

The appliance I have been previously jones-ing for was this:

But I will take a new fridge. I will.


 My daughter’s kindergarten class had a Mother’s Day Tea at her school, and it was so cute, complete with the hilarious interviews they do about what the kids think of you. According to her, my favorite food is lasagna and my favorite thing is going to the mall, something I carefully try to do only twice a year but I know is her favorite thing to do. I am starting to notice they answer these questions with their favorite things, since RJ said my favorite food was pizza and I liked to watch movies, which coincidentally are HIS favorite things to do.  It remind’s me of Grace Patton’s suggestion of interviewing your kids and recording it for laughs. My mother’s day is already so sweet thanks to our day, which ended like this:



Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there who use their hearts to love and nurture. The world is better because of you!

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