2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

December 10, 2021

Got a foodie in your life? Are you a foodie and working on your list? Well I’m here to help with all of the cool new items and cookbooks I’ve discovered in the past year. These are all things that I have bought and loved or am very excited to use (looking at Item #1)…so without further ado, here is my 2021 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide.

  1. A Raclette Grill –   I’m so excited to try this for our family party on Christmas Eve. What is not to love about grilled meat and veggies and melty cheese? We’ll have some cheese and chocolate fondue on the side for the kids and some other apps too. Originally a Swiss tradition where skiers could bring types of food that wouldn’t spoil up the mountain like potatoes and cheese, they discovered that putting these both near fire where the cheese melted and scraped onto the potatoes – the French word for scrape translates to ‘racler’ – was both easy and delicious. (If you want to learn more about the history or how to use it see this website).
  2. Theology of Home Linen Napkins, Cutting board, and Taste of Italy gift set. There is so much to love at the TOH Mercantile, their coffee, their candles, their new tablecloths. I have my eye on the wonderful kitchen towels, and the stunning charcuterie board looks great as part of your kitchen decor and is functional too. The Taste of Italy set is the perfect gift for a special foodie – their olive oil is amazing, and it is cheaper than tickets to Rome.
  3. A Dumpling maker – I just got this and can’t wait to try it. The options seem endless, dumplings, pierogies, and especially empanadas. We love all of these and once we nail down the recipes we like I’ll try share here.
  4. America’s  Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Cookbook – A friend on Instagram recommended this and I just got a copy. She is such a loving cook for her family of six and said it is one of the best slow cooker cookbooks she has had. It is surprising how hard it is to find original recipes for slow cookers that have a lot of flavor, so I’m excited to try it.
  5. Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpener – At $59, it’s an investment, but ask a foodie how much they would pay to have sharp knives and then you know this is a steal. (Plus they say it lasts 5 years). My peace of mind and sense of well being goes up dramatically when I notice I’m fighting cutting an onion or a piece of meat and then I sharpen my knife, and then it cuts like butter. So basically, the foodie in your life will for sure love this contribution to their mental health.
  6. Cacio E Pepe Sweatshirt – I first saw this on Jenny Rosenstrach’s IG stories (her daughter was wearing it home from college #parenting goals) and the company has a ton of other cute foodie slogans and favorites. You can find a few less expensive versions on Etsy so also search there, but I loved Novel-mart’s whole product line so wanted to share theirs.
  7. XXL Air Fryer – We tried the air fryer train a long time ago but the one we had fit maybe 8 chicken wings and wasn’t very practical. Enter this XXL size one that cooks a whole chicken. I can’t think of an item I have heard more people rave about that their air fryer so I think we’re going to have to try again.
  8. The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit – after trying Ina Garten’s recipe for ricotta and realizing how easy it is, a kit like this sounds so fun. It has so many different kinds of cheese, and learning about how each one is made is so great for kids (and us!) to learn where our food comes from and how it’s made.
  9. A Wok – My pan cabinet felt complete until I grabbed a new wok when it was on sale and wow – I use it at least twice a week. So just in case your favorite food is still making stir fry in a skillet, this gift will be put to good use. (There are more expensive, hand hewn woks on Amazon but a basic one works too!)
  10. Taco vs. Burrito Game – this game has almost 12,000 reviews on Amazon and was created by a 7 year old. Our crew will love this! Can’t wait to put it under the tree.
  11. Stonewall Kitchen Pine Breakfast gift set – We live a short drive from the Stonewall Kitchen headquarters and I have tried a lot of their products. This set is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, perfect for those slow mornings after Christmas.

Happy Shopping & Cooking & Eating friends!

xoxo Katie

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