Weekly Meal Planning 8/27

August 27, 2018

I used to be a lot more lax in my meal planning, preferring to have three or four recipes on hand and letting our inspirations take us where they may each day. And then sports with four kids happened! And needing to coordinate with a sitter/au pair person!

And you know what? Now I love that I spend zero energy each day wondering what we will have for dinner. It’s automatic, turn-key and so much simpler. I also like to have a few options for how to make something really simple and quick, but sometimes I like to know how to maximize the flavor. Example: the enchiladas for Sunday’s dinner. I have made my own enchilada sauce before and it is not hard, and it’s so yummy! But if I only have 10 minutes, I’m going to go with the super easy Betty Crocker version and use rotisserie chicken and canned sauce. Or my Easy Shepherd’s Pie, which uses all natural store made mashed potatoes but I link to the original recipe by Alton Brown with his delicious mashed potatoes. I am giving you both so you can pick which one works.

I hope these links help you build your meal plan!


Easy Shepherd’s Pie 


Mini Meatloaves

We start school today! Mini meatloaves our our traditional first day of school meal. Here is one year where I made it with Turkey Bacon but we usually go back to this recipe from Martha Stewart.


Wednesdays will be our crock pot dinner night for sure, with overlapping sports practices. If you have favorites in your family please share them in the comments!

Chicken Taco Bowls


Cheesy Baked Gnocchi




We love to do a date night at home, so the kids will have something simple, and I’ll make this Filet au Poivre recipe in a cast iron skillet with a red wine reduction.  

We usually like to eat this with roasted veggies, but sometimes I like to make a yummy artichoke risotto on the side.


Chicken Enchiladas:

Easy & Quick

Healthy & Flavorful


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