Weekly Meal Plan 6/18

June 18, 2018

Well, Father’s Day was busy. It’s hard when the expectations don’t match up to reality, and for us, well it was kind of like if Christmas was really the Valentine’s Day half off sale.

It’s all going to be ok though because my husbands real Father’s Day is this weekend when he is playing in a golf tournament and I have all the kids myself all weekend. It’s FINE.

Let’s talk about Summer! You’re officially here. We haven’t had time to savor you yet thanks to all those snowstorms giving us snow days. School’s out Thursday and I have the predictable feelings of relief and reprieve from the schedule plus the fear that I won’t have a minute alone until September. Last summer was the first time since having kids that I could sleep in and I went ahead and took that away by having twins but again, its FINE. Right?

Anyway, here is a week of meals that celebrate the produce that is rolling in to our farmers markets and the warmer temps that make us crave lighter food. Sunday was inspired by my oldest son’s 12th Birthday and he asked for Steak Tacos. This recipe from Tyler Florence for Tacos Carne Asada is SO good, and is a great summer recipe to have up your sleeve. Throw all the super flavorful ingredients (lime, oranges, jalapeños)  in a ziplock bag with flank steak and let it marinate all day while you’re at the beach/pool/club. Then get all the fixings at Trader Joe’s. Or any qualified retailer (sorry mom, who lives far from Trader Joes.)


Tacos Carne Asada 


Chard and Sweet Corn Gratin


Italian Stuffed Cabbages


Greek Tacos

Note: This post is a whole Greek Lunch Spread but this is pretty similar to what I do for Greek Tacos for dinner, minus the cheese and crackers. But feel free to let it serve as inspiration for any summer party since it is really easy and delicious. Or just a Wednesday dinner, since that’s what we are having.


Grilled Ceasar Salad 


Keeping it really real…its pizza or the pool (which has a food bar) BUT I am giving you 2 recipes for Saturday in case you are invited to a party and want to make one of them.


6 Ingredient Zucchini Tart

Panzanella with Mozzarella and Herbs 

Happy Week to everyone! Hope school will be out for you soon and memory making can commence.

xoxo Katie

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