November 30, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! This year was really fun and relaxed, with a gorgeous Free Range Turkey:

I cooked it according to Tom Colicchios Herb Butter Recipe and it was so delicious, as was the gravy! He had you pouring 1 cup of stock over the bird every 30-60 minutes and it was so moist. You can find the recipe here. I highly recommend it if you are doing Turkey for Christmas.

Here I am during the pre-game warm up, with my 17-week baby belly popping out.  I am not going to lie, I missed the wine!

But we did have a few yummy additions this year.  My husband and I had gone to a local restaurant, The Black Trumpet a few days before Thanksgiving, and we got very inspired by their amazing cheese plate.  He created his own and it was perfect for before dinner and we ate like French people and had it for dessert too after a walk by Great Bay.  He found fantastic apple and pear preserves that paired so well with the blue cheese,aged gouda and amazing cheddar (all pasteurized of course).

My mom made amazing Cranberry chutney and I made Onion  Confit that we served in these guys:


Here are some candids from the day! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday and are enjoying the start of the Christmas season!

A last big shout out to Aly and her gorgeous pies! They were delicious – this one was berry and  I happily ate it for days after…

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