Christmas Gift Ideas For Foodies

December 6, 2016

Have a foodie in your life? Or maybe you’re the foodie and everyone is like, what do you want for Christmas? Here are a few things I’ve found on the web and beyond that I have been loving (and perhaps adding to my own list!). Hope your fellow foodie heart will like them too.

1. These mini latte bowls and pasta bowls from Anthropologie:1minibowl1pastabowlAren’t they so cute? The big ones are the perfect size to hold while you are cozying up with past in front of a movie or a fire. And the mini ones are perfect for ice cream sundaes and tiny servings of pudding or cobbler, or just to use as ramekins.

2. Copper Measuring Cups: copper-measuring-cupsIt seems like I can never have too many measuring cups. I am loving these ones by Sur La Table – they look like mini copper pots.

3. The Insta Pot – instapotpicYou may have seen me on IG stories showing you how I use mine, but if you are not familiar with it, it is just 6-in-1 (or 7-in-1 depending on your model) pot that can be a Pressure Cooker, a Slow Cooker, A Steamer, A Ricer and…that’s all I know. I love the Insta Pot because it is a BIG time saver. I can steam veggies in 7 minutes, I can reduce a slow cooker 3-4 hour recipe to 50 minutes. I make pulled pork, lamb curry, beef stew, all in a fraction of the time. Great for those afternoons when you realize you forgot to take something out of the freezer in time to slow cook it. It goes on sale sometimes for $79 or $69, but this is a great gift at any price.

4. Veal Demi-Glace


Whenever I am eating something at a restaurant and I think ‘how did they get this deep flavor?” the answer is usually veal stock, or veal stock that has been reduced to a demi-glace. It is something most home cooks aren’t going to make on their own (when was the last time you had bundle of veal bones? Or 20 hours to roast them?) Enter this little jar of goodness – the Williams-Sonoma Veal Demi-Glace. I just ordered two – one for me and one for a gift, but I kind of want to order more.

5. Ina’s New Cookbook


I mean, we all ready love her, but isn’t Jeffery the cutest? Now we love him too. As usual, the recipes are very approachable, original, and look strait up delicious. She includes her VERY easy recipe for homemade ricotta which is enough of a reason to buy the book. I love how Ina describes her passion: “I have no greater pleasure than cooking for the people I love, particularly my husband Jeffrey.” Amen, sister.

6. Black Trumpet Cookbook – 


This book is for the food lover who is always looking to grow and learn more about flavors and techniques. Chef Mallett is my very favorite Portsmouth chef, and his dedication to local farmers and communities is inspiring. He started out as a food writer, which may be why I love this book since it is filled with wonderful stories and experience (food+words=my jam). Pretty much everything about this book is rich with flavor.

7. The pasta pot with strainer lid: 


Even if the only thing you make in the kitchen is mac and cheese, this whole operation just strikes me as very very useful. I am amazed this hasn’t been around as long as, say, toaster ovens because holy convenience. I think it would be great for making chicken stock too – I always seem to tumble hot pieces of carrots and celery everywhere when I strain mine. (p.s. This color is sold out, the link is for one that is available.)

8. The Remy Side Chair from Restoration Hardware: 


Foodies usually like to gather around a table, and with 4 kids, I really appreciate a chair I can wipe down. I am swooning over these that I saw on Jones Design Company  and hoping to pull the trigger on them soon since they are on sale!

9. Basically, the whole Magnolia Market includes lots of great gift ideas but I really love these Turkish Tea Towels:


10. …and I also love these cutting boards.


I use my rustic cutting boards all the time, for crusty bread on the table with soup, quick cheese board if friends pop by, anything. A must have for food lovers and really reasonably priced for the amount of charm and rustic appeal they give.

11. This Fermentation Crock might not look pretty but if they love pickles and sauerkraut, they will LOVE this.


I found a more modern version of it here but from what I gather it is not hard at all to do in just a simple pot. Chef Evan talks about it in his cookbook, and my blogging friend Nature Girl Natalie post pics of it on Instagram. But just a simple google search yields tons of ideas like this post on Fermented Foods You Can Make At Home. 

12. These Beaded Plates from Target:


I have shopped around quite a bit to replace our old everyday china and this one is coming up a winner. They are really inexpensive but look just as great as their Pottery Barn/William Sonoma counter parts. My husband is on notice about these:)

13. Orange Blossom Water here or King Arthur Flour (lots of great flavors & seasonings on this site!):


This is a great stocking stuffer. A little bit of this in cookies, crepes, macaroons, tea, salad dressings, simple syrup – even perfume! – for a subtle gentle flavor. I learned about this French trick from my favorite food blog, Manger. Here is her great Madeleine recipe which uses it. And I noticed a lot of other great flavorings at King Arthur Flour – Rose water, Pizza dough spices – so look around and see if you find something new.

14. Last but not least, if you have someone on a health kick they will love this Spiralizer from Martha Stewart.


I find the smaller ones hard to use, but this one is pretty sturdy for a good price. If you are looking for good recipes for veggies that have been spiraled, The Skinny Taste’s website is great (also great for the Insta Pot too!).

I am compiling a list of beautiful recipes for Christmas and Holiday gatherings next, so be on the look out for it!

Hope you are having a (somewhat) relaxing Advent- if you have already mailed out your Christmas cards or remembered to move your Elf everyday you are waayyy ahead of me.

xoxo Katie

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    Diane Rogers
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    That was awesome. I loved everything you showed and described. ❤️

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    Darlene Philbrick
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    Glad to have met you at Migis and learn about Humble Onion. I have enjoyed all of the interesting information that you talk about and look forward to the next post. I am Charlene Stearns sister.

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