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Garlicky Roasted Shrimp + Christmas Treats

December 16, 2016

So, between finalizing edits on my novel, my husband’s work Christmas parties, and all the decorating and gift giving, I feel like I am in college finals or maybe a Zen Buddhist video game: be serene. be patient. know the reason for the season. Also, your kids need Seasonal hats for hat day today, your husband is wondering why you bought all the candle lights for the windows if you aren’t going to put them up, and (cackling laughter) NONE of the gifts you picked out on Amazon for the cousins will be here in time for Christmas, even though they said Prime next to it, and you need to head to the mall STAT. Plus you are hosting Christmas for like 30 people.

It is easing all of my angst to find recipes that are quick and yummy, and I am sharing them with you …

Winter Squash Dip

November 1, 2016


We are so in my favorite food season. Roast all the veggies. Make all the soups. And get together with people and huddle around a fire place or table or couch. This dip is one my friend brought to a party and it was so different and yummy I had to grab the recipe.

Luckily it was from Martha Stewart and not hard to find. It starts with 2 lbs of roasted squash. I used Celebration Squash  because my friend did.

It was delicious. You could use Butternut, Acorn, or Delicata if you want but you need to remove the skins.


This dip is packed with flavor – Roasted squash, parm, lemon, chipotle pepper. And this yumminess:


Roast these along with the squash wrapped up in …

Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

September 7, 2016

Hi Friends – I am reposting this meal since I just made it again last night on Snapchat and I promised a few of you I would repost it. This is a great meal for when the nights start to have a chill in the air, and crusty bread is a must. I have some great new meals in store for you that I am still editing, so stay tuned. Happy Eating! – Katie

Are you loving this cold weather we are in as much as I am? Or are you one of the people who is still in mourning summer is over? (If so, my condolences). This time of year means ski season is right around the corner so I (and my whole family) get giddy at the thought of weekends of fun coming up soon. But even before said family existed I have always been a fall girl. I …

Summer Eats

June 29, 2016

As I type this I am getting ready to travel down to DC and then the Outer Banks with my family for a real beach house vacation where the beach is in the back yard (we’ve never really done one since we live 15-20 minutes from the beach here in NH). We are going with 9 other families all staying in one gigantic house so I am envisioning tons of belly laughs and a volume level at meals that rivals a grade school cafeteria.

And of course, good food.

As one friend wrote on one of the several email chains that are flying around “I keep thinking about how many eggs and bacon we will need for one breakfast”. Luckily these friends are super organized and we are all taking turns cooking dinner one night. You know you are going on vacation with the right people when someone has already ordered …


October 19, 2015

Dear Blog Readers,

I have been wrestling with how to fit in all of my life goals and motherhood and writing and the blog, and I am going to shift things around a little bit and wanted to let you know.

When I started this blog – complete with bad photos and all – I had no clue about blogging. I just knew I wanted to freelance write and thought this would be a good first step. Since then, I have learned how to use the manual settings on my camera (yay) and had more freelance writing work then I can handle, and had a readership that surprised me as it grew. And my family has eaten well, which is what I love the most about running The Humble Onion – leftovers!  So I am going to call this blog a win. Not to mention how …

Spinach and Pancetta Stuffed Shells

October 6, 2015

This is one of my favorite dinners to make.

It is from Giada De Laurentiis, and is one of her viewers most requested recipes. No wonder – the asiago cheese and garlic give the spinach the most perfect, fragrant flavor. And the salty chewy pancetta bites round out the dish.

I love it just for a family dinner but I have made if for company it is that easy and that good. I also love that this dish uses mostly pantry and fridge staples. If you call pancetta, asiago and ricotta staples, which I do now after this dinner made it into our rotation. I like to cook my shells ahead of time with lots of oil so they don’t stick, since that is really the only step on the stove. Everything else is just mix it together and slide …