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Almond Gazpacho + Introduction

August 12, 2015

I know I just posted a gazpacho recipe, but consider this a recipe post + introduction to a cookbook that has me totally inspired.

Before we left for our trip to France, I took the kids to Barnes + Noble , and while I was there I decided to get a French cookbook to use when we get back since I would likely want to dive into cooking the foods we tasted (which turned out to be très vrais). This was the one I picked up:

Every review I could find since learning of her and her (much better) food blog, Manger, points out the high degree of life envy people get from her, since she lives in the country in Médoc, France, in a gorgeous house with her photographer husband (who shoots all the pics on her blog and in the book) and lots of …

Gazpacho with Crab & Avocado

July 28, 2015

Is there anything more refreshing on a hot day then Gazpacho? It is one of my all time favorite summer dishes. It is like drinking your salad – so filling and delicious, with the tang of vinegar and kick from jalapeño.

On our first day in Paris, it was a 100 degrees, and we ate lunch at a bistro where I saw it on a chalk board menu served with vegetable tartar on top. It was so refreshing – ice cold, and the tartar made of just cucumbers, onions and zucchini was so different (and so precisely chopped! The woman who waited on us came up and asked how I liked it and I am guessing she made it herself).

Her dish made me think about adding something on top, and I wanted to add a protein to make it a meal. I adore the combination of crab and avocado, and I was craving …

Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

March 20, 2015

One of the things that made me want to do the Whole30 was because I genuinely love vegetables and finding new things to do with them.

Unfortunately, I also really love cheese. And bread. And wine. So, my Whole30 was a Whole14.

I feel like I need to be honest here because I laid it out for you lovely readers that I was doing the Whole30 and because maybe you thought, hey, should I try that too?

Well, yes and no.

Yes if you have any health issues, especially with digestion or allergies or asthma or insomnia and you want to find out if there is a food that is causing it. Because I think the only way to get through the month is if your life depended on it. (Just kidding. I am totally weak, I know.) Seriously, many people have had life-long issues clear up with this …

Week Eats with Whole Parenting

February 11, 2015

Hi all – I am linking up with the lovely Nell at Whole Parenting who hosts a Week Eats on her blog that is always yummy and delicious. Nell is also like a Renaissance woman since she used to be an attorney, and now makes the cutest baby clothes and runs after her three little ones while making delicious healthy food. She also is the cheerleader of the internet since she is always encouraging others and leaves a “so presh!” comment under every cute baby pic on Instagram.

This coming week involves a ski trip, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, a Wine Party, and the start of my Whole30 cleanse with Kelly Mantoan of This Ain’t the Lyceum blog. Basically every possible extreme when it comes to food.  I thought it would be funny/insane to give a real representation of what we will be eating and hopefully the links will lead you to some …

Chicken, Mushroom and Rice Soup

November 6, 2014


I’m on day 10 of a 30 day Arbonne cleanse (like Whole30 +Suppliments), and while I have been ruminating about the things I have been really missing (Feta and Gouda), sheepish about the things I couldn’t miss another day and cheated with (Coffee… but I lasted 9 days!..and Alcohol because, kids), I have also really loved the flavorful, whole foods I have been eating that have made me feel so good. (I’ve lost a few pounds but I think my skin looks bright and clear…I’m grasping at some evidence of all this health):

This soup tops that list of good food. Made with leftover organic chicken that I roasted and we ate the night before, organic brown rice, mushrooms (I used baby portabellas which really made it so meaty), and some carrot and leeks, the flavors really combined into such a …

Chicken & Gnocchi Soup

October 24, 2014

Are you loving this cold weather we are in as much as I am? Or are you one of the people who is still in mourning summer is over? (If so, my condolences). This time of year means ski season is right around the corner so I (and my whole family) get giddy at the thought of weekends of fun coming up soon. But even before said family existed I have always been a fall girl. I love the sweaters, the mugs of apple tea, breaking out my boots, reading by the fire and making soup (and stew) with crusty bread for dinner.
I am sharing this with you because this dinner is one of our favorites – it is a winner for everyone. I have even made it for company. (I am not really thinking that will impress you at all. Just over sharing as …