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A Gift for You & Gifts for The Kitchen

December 9, 2014

Pssst…If you want to skip reading and just go to a giveaway, scroll to the bottom!

I am almost done Christmas Shopping, thanks to Amazon Prime. (My Christmas cards are another story, however.) I told my husband he could just wrap up a few of these presents I picked out and put them under the tree becauseĀ I love all of these so much. Or in the case of # 6 & #7, I just couldn’t wait and am enjoying these while I wrap presents. Besides, he got me a hammock a few years ago, and really you just can’t top that as a gift so I figure he already peaked at gift giving.

I don’t love kitchen clutter so when I pick out something for cooking, it has to be something I really think I will use to account for it’s kitchen real estate. I am guessing most people feel …

Notes on November

November 2, 2014

I have had a lot of increase in traffic to this little corner of the world, so I just wanted to welcome anyone new who pops over here – hi!

It is windy and raining and moody outside, we are done with fall sports for the older kids, and it feels like a time to get quiet and be inspired. I am waiting to hear back from editors on my novel – fingers perpetually crossed – and I am distracting myself by writing my next one. Such a fun process and I am learning a lot from this book above.

Here are some things I found around the web that are inspiring me right now.

1. Life in Grace blog: This southern lady is so amazingĀ – she loves books and food as much as I do. I think …

Heirloom Harvest Barn Dinner

September 25, 2014

We finally made it to the Slow Food Seacoast Heirloom Harvest Barn Dinner (or SFSHHBD for short, haha). In all seriousness, we have wanted to go to this since it’s inception six years ago but it always falls the weekend of my husband’s birthday, my daughter Lucy’s birthday, and our Anniversary. (These are all the reasons why it took my 3 days to put this post up.) But we made it, and so happy we did:

The theme this year was poultry, and it was so well carried out in the food, decorations, even feathers on the tables. So let’s break it down in that order.

First, the food:

This is what greeted me at the cocktail hour. Corn Dog Quail Legs with an Heirloom Chili Pepper and Heirloom …