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Bo Ssam

December 4, 2014


The week before Thanksgiving, my husband’s best friend stayed with us since he was attending a conference at University of New Hampshire around the corner.

Matt and his wife, Heather, are scientists, foodies, parents to two adorable girls, disgustingly disciplined in working out, and the best quality you can ask for in a friend: Giant Hearted. Matt always has food stories that he tells very casually and then you taste what he’s talking about and your mind is blown (like that time he told us how he liked to grillĀ chicken legs that were coated in salt, sugar and Tumeric and when I tasted it, they were so yummy).

This was the case with this Korean dish, Bo Ssam.Ā  He told us about his friends marinating a pork shoulder overnight in sugar and salt, then cooking it for 6 hours low and slow. Then you stack it …