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Shrimp Scampi + THO Tuesday Dinners

August 18, 2015

I can’t believe how little of summer is left. I am holding onto it like a toddler holds on to a lollipop. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to send my kids to school (for their sake and mine) but I am chaffing at the schedule that comes with the school year. September means football and soccer and a ton of family birthdays, so I am trying to savor you, August. You and your staying up past everyone’s bedtime playing games and sleeping in late, beach days and long runs, swimming in rivers and endless ice cream and gorgeous hikes in the woods.

So to help with this transition that can be brutal, I am starting a series before the school year is upon us.

THO Tuesday Dinners.

I find it helpful to have, in any given season, …

Fish en Papillote

March 12, 2015

I can’t remember where I first heard of Fish en Papillote (Fish in Paper). It’s a classic French method for cooking fish and veggies but do not let that scare you. Ever wrapped a potato in tin foil and baked it? You’ve got the method down pat.

I am possibly the most excited to share this post of any that I’ve ever done, because I know once you know this method you will have a way to cook fish that is simple, quick (cooks in 10 minutes!) easy, rustic, elegant, and did I mention easy?

I used to make this a lot when I was trying to eat light after my third baby, and now that I remember how yummy it is, it will be on heavy rotation. Did I mention it is Whole30 compliant?

(You don’t care.)

But trust …

Tuscan Swordfish with Capers, Tomatoes and Onions

February 18, 2015


Hi Friends! Happy Lent, Happy Whole30, Happy Wednesday, or whatever you may be celebrating today.

I know I meal planned on my last post that I would start eating Whole30 after my wine party, but I honestly got so excited about all the Whole30 foods that I just went ahead and started it today even if a few events will mean I am drinking wine this weekend (it will be 30 days by the end of Lent!). I can’t wait to try all the recipes I am discovering with you that are healthy and delicious.

This dish is hopefully something for everyone, since it can be made Whole30 friendly if you cook it with ghee (which sounds weird but is just clarified butter). We eat a lot more meatless meals during Lent too and I am always looking for great fish recipes because we tend to cook fish at home …

Sriracha-Lime Salmon

November 14, 2014

 So, it turns out that Gwyneth Paltrow does have a thing or two to teach us about quick whole food meals that are really yummy.

I guess that means I should buy her new cookbook, doesn’t it? Because this Sriracha-Lime Salmon is from it and it is amazing. Her by-line for the book is “Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great.” And, I’m gonna have to vouch for that tag line because this is delicious, and easy, and I felt great after eating it and the scale was my friend this morning.

So, do you want in on all this goodness? All this health? No? Then go strait to this recipe for Salted Carmel Sauce that uses Sea Salt and Salted Butter from the French Food writer that I love, Ann Mah. I am making it …