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20 Ideas for Cooking with Apples

October 16, 2016

Happy fall weekend everyone!

Can you even believe how gorgeous it is outside? I am pretty sure God decided to balance out our everlasting winters with just magical fall weather in New England. I feel like I am inside of a magazine (probably Martha Stewart’s? Maybe Real Simple?) every time I go outside.

Yesterday our good friends Matt & Heather and their sweet girls met us to go apple picking. We met at a farm just over the border of Massachusetts called Cider Hill Farm and I am so smitten I am getting their winter CSA.

They have lots of free range chickens and they have this little tunnel they run through from their coop to an open pasture that we dubbed the chicken superhighway. I will forever have the …

The Mexican Mule

May 5, 2016

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Or as we say in the US, Happy Reason to Eat Tacos and Drink Margaritas (as if we needed one).

I am super excited to share my new favorite cocktail. I haven’t done many cocktail posts, a travesty I hope to remedy, since I have recently gotten into a little mixologist love. My sister Aly is way more up on what all the cool kids are doing since she has worked at really upscale bars and restaurants, and creates things like lavender champagne spritzers and lemon-thyme simple syrups so I know there is a whole rainbow of things to do in the cocktail world and I am just dipping my baby toe into the fun.

Enter Mexican Mules – I ordered a Moscow Mule recently with an apricot twist, and it was so yummy and refreshing. When I looked up the recipe, I found a Mexican …