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Mini Turkey Meatloaves with Honey Mustard Sauce and Roasted Potatoes

September 1, 2015

So can I get an Hallelujah? And an Amen?

The kids are back in school.

But I still love them.

That’s why I make a traditional back to school dinner that is a favorite for everyone.  This year’s version was my easiest and healthiest yet so I am passing it on to all of you wonderful people. All my nurturing mommy neuroses come out at the start of school, and I have about a month’s worth of healthy breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks in my kitchen. Of course this will last about a month until I declare I am burnt out until Christmas break. Jk. Sort of.

Anyway, besides the fact that EVERYONE loves this dish and it is my most requested dinner in my repertoire, I love it because it only takes 25-30 minutes. 20 of that is roasting time where I get the kitchen clean, bags cleaned out and …

Roast Chicken with Crème Fraîche and Herbs

August 25, 2015

I am still dreaming about this dinner.

I couldn’t be more excited to share Roast Chicken with Crème Fraîche and Herbs for the next installment of The Humble Onion Tuesday Dinners. I am hoping that by searching the hashtag  #thotuesdaydinners you can have quick and easy meal ideas at your fingertips for when you meal plan. Or frantically think of dinner at 4:30 like I do on busy days.

This dinner is the trifecta of home cooking; it is easy, delicious and the kids will happily eat it (and possibly lick their plates like mine did). I know many kids have already gone back to school and ours start next Monday, so I am on the hunt for fast easy dinners that still feel a bit special.

As I mentioned last week I am infatuated with the cookbook My Kitchen In France. She shared her recipe for a whole Roasted Chicken with this …

Mediterranean Pan Roasted Chicken

March 5, 2015



I am 6 days in to my Whole30 month and I have to say I am loving it. It helps that I am reading It Starts With Food which goes over a ton of science about why you are eliminating things from your plate, so while I am eating I am thinking, ‘my body is healing itself right now, I love this’. And I am also free from the pangs of hunger I usually get through the day which is honestly freedom for me.

In case you are curious about why I am doing it, lean in close because I’ll tell you. First off, please know that I hate fad diets, love learning about nutrition, and don’t believe in ‘get thin quick’ anythings. I love running and working out as a stress reliever, and the way healthy food makes me feel. But I also love wine and salt & vinegar …

Week Eats with Whole Parenting

February 11, 2015

Hi all – I am linking up with the lovely Nell at Whole Parenting who hosts a Week Eats on her blog that is always yummy and delicious. Nell is also like a Renaissance woman since she used to be an attorney, and now makes the cutest baby clothes and runs after her three little ones while making delicious healthy food. She also is the cheerleader of the internet since she is always encouraging others and leaves a “so presh!” comment under every cute baby pic on Instagram.

This coming week involves a ski trip, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, a Wine Party, and the start of my Whole30 cleanse with Kelly Mantoan of This Ain’t the Lyceum blog. Basically every possible extreme when it comes to food.  I thought it would be funny/insane to give a real representation of what we will be eating and hopefully the links will lead you to some …

Chicken Curry In A Hurry

January 22, 2015

Well aren’t you just a big bowl of sunshine.

Seriously, it is.

I love curry so much, and it is ridiculously easy.

This one uses Rotisserie chicken + coconut milk + curry powder but you can easily use cubed chicken and stir fry veggies. The first time I made it I added the carrots and tomatoes and loved them. The second time I made this I added thawed broccoli florets and I loved them too. So play around with the veggies and add your favorite. If they are raw like the carrots add them early on so they can cook. Or keep it Curry In A Hurry and toss in thawed frozen.

I first saw this recipe on RealSimple, and I loved how fast you could make it. I usually use curry paste + coconut milk, but …

Chicken & Gnocchi Soup

October 24, 2014

Are you loving this cold weather we are in as much as I am? Or are you one of the people who is still in mourning summer is over? (If so, my condolences). This time of year means ski season is right around the corner so I (and my whole family) get giddy at the thought of weekends of fun coming up soon. But even before said family existed I have always been a fall girl. I love the sweaters, the mugs of apple tea, breaking out my boots, reading by the fire and making soup (and stew) with crusty bread for dinner.
I am sharing this with you because this dinner is one of our favorites – it is a winner for everyone. I have even made it for company. (I am not really thinking that will impress you at all. Just over sharing as …