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Breakfast Outside

July 27, 2012

Before my husband left for work last week, he asked me if I had seen the article in the Boston Globe.

I went online, and what I read really hit home.  It was an anthropological study of 32 families in L.A. The researchers were trying to create a snapshot of family life in our current day.  What they found was that American’s rarely eat together as a family, are buying tons of stuff they don’t need, and are hardly ever going in their backyards. You can read it here.

It was eye opening, and it really hit on all the reasons why I have this food blog.  Homemade food is the heart of something intrinsically valuable.  It feeds the soul, it celebrates everyday life, and it upgrades the quality of life for my family.

It was a gorgeous summer day. I decided we were eating breakfast outside.

I made …