October 20, 2016

Swiss Pumpkin


Now that the leaves are starting to look like the color of pumpkins, I am so excited to share this recipe that I actually guest posted on the Ella Claire Blog last year. It is so so good.

I found this recipe in Ruth Reichl’s food memoir Comfort Me with Apples (a sequel to Tender at the Bone). I am a big fan of food memoirs at the moment since I am writing one of my own about growing up in a big Irish family in Chicago (I am one of eight) and we had a huge passion for food. In Comfort Me with Apples, one of the lasting images I had was how her husband said he wanted a divorce, and all she could do was make Cream of Mushroom soup. I just feel like food does that healing thing. She ended up being the editor for Gourmet Magazine …

October 16, 2016

20 Ideas for Cooking with Apples


Happy fall weekend everyone!

Can you even believe how gorgeous it is outside? I am pretty sure God decided to balance out our everlasting winters with just magical fall weather in New England. I feel like I am inside of a magazine (probably Martha Stewart’s? Maybe Real Simple?) every time I go outside.

Yesterday our good friends Matt & Heather and their sweet girls met us to go apple picking. We met at a farm just over the border of Massachusetts called Cider Hill Farm and I am so smitten I am getting their winter CSA.

They have lots of free range chickens and they have this little tunnel they run through from their coop to an open pasture that we dubbed the chicken superhighway. I will forever have the …

October 7, 2016



I know everyone is doing everything FALL, and I am marinating in this gorgeous time of year too. But Right now we are saying goodbye to one of loveliest parts of summer: fresh garden produce. Specifically tomatoes. And we still have so many!  I have been thinking of ways to really capitalize on the last few weeks of their gorgeous flavor.

I love twists on classics, and I love BLT’s (side note: I just heard George Zakarian recommends slicing your tomatoes, then basting your bacon with the tomato juices before cooking them for BLT. Just thought I would share that genius tip with you all because you’re my favorite.)

I decided to make a dip that could deliver the texture combo of a BLT to your mouth in one bite. We had a get together to go to last week, and a ton …

September 28, 2016

Maple Balsamic Rosemary Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Fall Veggies


Dear Fall,  Even though your gorgeous weather means we are all outside for sports every afternoon, and my slow and easy dinner time is gone, you are still my favorite season. And I am determined to enjoy your flavors and bounty even in this super busy time. That’s why I see a whole lot of sheet pan dinners with fall produce in our future.

Just one walk around my grocery store’s ‘locally grown’ section yielded me these beauties. Of course I wanted to be creative and come up with complicated recipes, but if you have seen the Pioneer Woman’s idea of sheet pan dinners, then you know how easy and quick they are. And it was completely delicious. So I am just sharing the good news to all you other busy mommas and food lovers out there.

I love how delicata squash lives up to it’s name with it’s …

September 15, 2016

Easy Delicious Pork Lasagna


I was tempted to title this post ‘Lasagna so easy a kid can make it’ because:

I love cooking with my kids, so when I was playing around with this recipe, which was trying to be a twist on a pork ragu in a lasagna (minus the wine because, kids) I asked Lucy to help me layer it.

This girl loves cooking, and craves any opportunity to stir a pot or stretch out some dough (licking a spatula with batter on it is her favorite, of course.)

Sometimes I feel like Lasagna can be a bit labor intensive. But I realized as I poured over some of my favorite cookbooks that they often try to have you make your own sauce with tomato sauce and canned tomatoes and oregano.Which is …

September 7, 2016

Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Hi Friends – I am reposting this meal since I just made it again last night on Snapchat and I promised a few of you I would repost it. This is a great meal for when the nights start to have a chill in the air, and crusty bread is a must. I have some great new meals in store for you that I am still editing, so stay tuned. Happy Eating! – Katie

Are you loving this cold weather we are in as much as I am? Or are you one of the people who is still in mourning summer is over? (If so, my condolences). This time of year means ski season is right around the corner so I (and my whole family) get giddy at the thought of weekends of fun coming up soon. But even before said family existed I have always been a fall girl. I …